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人大商学院从2012 年起开始与美国耶鲁大学管理学院高端管理硕士(MAM)项目合作设立 MBA+MAM 双硕士学位项目。学生第一年在人大学习,并在第二学期申请就读耶鲁MAM 项目,成功获得耶鲁录取的学生将在第二学年赴耶鲁进行为期一年的MAM 领导力项目的学习。耶鲁MAM 项目每年仅从全球高端管理联盟的成员院校招收优秀MBA 学生赴耶鲁攻读MAM 学位,学制一年。该项目致力于培养全球商业领袖,同时提升他们在国际复杂情境下的管理能力。MAM 项目将实现培养模式的创新,根据学生特点进行定制化课程学习,采用对话与分享的授课模式,进一步升华和拓展MBA 学习,专业方向包括金融、财务、市场、国际管理等,学生可以享受耶鲁大学最顶尖的课程和师资。2012至2015年共有23名人大MBA 学生赴耶鲁攻读MAM 硕士项目。






MAM Curriculum

Student Testimonials

RUC Style in Yale

Yu Sun MBA Class of 2014

“The core of RUC Style is to live each day with a positive attitude and to pursue your dream with a brave heart. It is the RUC style that helps us adapt quickly to the fast-paced Yale life and discover another platform here in the U.S. Many people have said that Yale is a place that changes your life. With the help of the training we had had at RBS, we handled arduous study at Yale successfully. There is a line in the movie Dead Poet’s Society impressing me most “it is not too late to seek a newer world. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ” So my dear RUC MBAers, if you want to experience a different life, RUC is a perfect place to start your dream, and Yale MAM program is a great opportunity for you to realize your dream.”

RUC Style in Yale

Bin Cai MBA Class of 2014

“My post-MBA journey starting from RUC was full of pleasant surprises. Yale University was my first stop and it continued to surprise me. During my short one-month stay at Yale, I experienced Yale’s various curricula, diversified cultures, and her rich traditions. I believe Yale will continue to bring me new surprises in several months to come. To me, Yale is, as her motto says “Lux et Veritas”, a place where you can calm down and reflect on yourself. My dear fellow MBA students in RBS, I hope that your first stop after graduation is also Yale so that you can experience these pleasant surprises as I have done.”

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