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The Global Network for Advanced Management creates an organizational structure that can thrive in this developing environment. It connects each member school with diverse regions, countries, and cultures, and economies in different phases of development. The network facilitates interaction, but leaves the development of an agenda to the participating schools.

The fundamental questions motivating participation in GNAM are:

  • What are the new areas of economic power and growth in the global economy?
  • What areas of economic power and growth are on the horizon?
  • What leadership challenges face enterprises in the future?
  • How can top talent from the broad horizons of a flatter global economy be accessed, developed, and connected?
  • How can a broad set of business schools work together to address these leadership challenges and enhance leadership development around the globe?


RBS, as one of the most active founding members of GNAM, every year selects more than five GNAM/MBA students to study at the Yale School of Management for a Master’s degree in Advanced Management (MAM) and is one of the 27 host schools for the twice-yearly Global Network Weeks. It also hosted the GNAM annual meeting in 2013.

Within the GNAM platform, GNAM/MBA students at RBS are also able to access popular online courses at GNAM member schools, take part in Global Network events, participate in study tours to overseas member schools, and site visits to overseas companies.

Global Network Weeks

Global Network Courses