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First Day of the Global Network Week at RBS

Global Network Week in China kicked off on Monday, March 3, at the School of Business, Renmin University of China! Students gathered from all over the world, Korea, Mexico, Japan, Chile, Spain, China, and USA, to attend this special event.

The day started off with lectures given by Professor Steven Wang on the history of China’s financial market.

Liping Hao from the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University commented: “Thanks for the great presentation from Professor Wang. It is very insightful and interesting. “

Following Professor Wang’s lecture, Professor Ziliang Deng spoke to students on the topic of multinational companies in China.

Susan Lieu from Yale’s School of Management thought the lecture was “engaging” while Sung-Eun Ryu from Seoul National University Business School felt it was “very interesting” and “very helpful [in] understanding [the] Chinese business environment.”

In the afternoon, a company visit to Tencent of China was extremely exciting for everyone. ZhongHuai Sun, the Vice President of Tencent, greeted everyone and gave students an introduction to the Chinese company and its business strategies. Mr. Sun was also a graduate of Renmin University of China and returned later for his EMBA at RUC.

Students were intrigued and asked many challenging questions in the Q&A Session. The discussions were lively and entertaining for everyone.

Along the day, current RBS International MBA students guided our guests around the area while introducing Chinese cuisine and culture for many of the first-timers. Michael Chen from Yale SOM felt that students were “amazing [and] hospitable.” Overall, the first day of the program was very successful and proactive for everyone!

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